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Thrive Fitness is happy to offer prospective clients a complimentary fitness consultation & sample workout so that you may experience and understand better what it is we do here.

Please use the below contact form to schedule your consultation or you may call us:  407 230 6498 or email:  jackie@thrivefitnessfl.com

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email:  jackie@thrivefitnessfl.com

Thrive Fitness Altamonte Springs

     High Intensity WorkOut Facility

Three Steps To A Healthier Stronger You

3.   Finish

  •  Finish Your Work Out Sweat Free
  • ​Discuss Your Progress And Goals With Your Trainer
  • Have Your Health Related Questions Answered
  • Depart With A Serious Sense Of Accomplishment

1.   Decide

  • Make The Decision To Exercise (Yes You Can)
  • Call And Set Your Appointment
  • Show up
  • Change Clothes (If you Need To)​​​

Thrive Fitness is a unique strength training protocol that focuses on developing and maintaining as much lean muscle mass as your genetics allow. Removing many of the activities that really are not necessary such as warming up, performing sets and cooling down, and focusing on what is, enables you to focus on what you need for optimal health and strength. Which is a  strength training workout that focuses on building and maintaining lean muscle mass. The question therefore becomes,  why waste precious time in a gym when you simply do not need to?

All of the studies show that spending hours and hours on a thread mill performing steady state activity is far inferior  to performing strength training exercises of sufficient intensity. Conventional strength training workouts do convey benefits, however, too many protocols are so poorly designed that ultimately, you will either injure yourself through poor form or over training, or regress because you are not achieving sufficient intensity to either develop muscle or maintain what what you already have.

This is where this protocol differs. This is a well researched and evidence based strength training program that focuses on the one thing that will enable you to lead a healthy fit and strong life.....developing as much lean muscle as you can.  This is an exercise program that you can follow for life. You will not spend needless hours in a gym, therefore you can incorporate staying strong into your regular schedule.  Working out twice a week,ensures sufficient rest and recovery to allow your muscles to recover and grow.   You will never over train or injure yourself working out here, we are too good to let that happen and our Medx machines are too well designed to cause any long term joint stress and injuries.

Thrive Fitness high intensity personal training is designed to be the most efficient and effective protocol available to you. You simply set your appointment, show up and train as hard as you can (plus a little harder with the correct motivation).

2.   Exercise

  • Perform  6-7 Exercises On Medical Grade Medx Equip.
  • ​Work Out As Hard As You Possibly Can For 20 mins
  • Challenge Yourself To Push Yourself (w/o injury)
  • ​Feel Good Knowing You Are Taking Care Of Yourself

Your Thrive Fitness Work Out Experience